Latest Articles (since 2014) in Peer Reviewed Journals 



Cordero, G., and Simón, P. 2015. Economic Crisis and Support for Democracy in Europe. West European Politics. In press. (Quartile 1 Political Science). 


Cordero, G., Jaime, A. and Coller, X. 2015. Selecting Candidates: A Comparative Analysis. American Behavioral Scientist. Forthcoming. (Quartile 1 Social Sciences)


Cordero, G., Jaime, A. and Coller, X. 2015. Candidate Selection in a Multilevel Democracy. The Case of Spain. American Behavioral Scientist.  Forthcoming. (Quartile 1 Social Sciences). 


Cordero, G. and X. Coller. 2015. Cohesion and Candidate Selection in Parliamentary GroupsParliamentary Affairs, 68 (3): 592-615.   (Quartile 1 Political Science). 


Cordero, G. and JR. Montero. 2015. Against Bipartyism, Towards Dealignment? The 2014 European Elections in SpainSouth European Society and Politics (Quartile 2 Political Science). 


Cordero, G. 2014. The Activation of the Religious Vote in Spain (1979-2011)Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 147: 3-20. (Quartile 4 Sociology). 


Cordero, G. 2014. Religiosidad y Voto en 34 Democracias EuropeasRevista Española de Ciencia Política, 34: 35-65.


Cordero, G. 2014. De los Clivajes Sociales al Voto Religioso en EuropaRevista de Estudios Políticos164: 213-236. (Quartile 4 Political Science).  




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